News from the Breach - A Dragon Prince Podcast

Your hosts Ceilidh and Yana are watching The Dragon Prince from start to finish, discussing their journey through Xadia and the human lands as they go.

Each season of the podcast covers one “Book” (or season) of the Netflix series The Dragon Prince. In each episode we discuss two chapters of the series, except for the season finales: in which we take a whole podcast episode for just one chapter. We aim not to spoil anything from future episodes, so if you have never seen The Dragon Prince you can watch along with us without us spoiling your experience of the show.

In the beginning of season 1 we have Dan as a guest on the podcast; in the seasons to come we hope to have more guest appearances. Watch this space 😉

Watch and listen in order: S00E00, S01E01, S01E02 and so on 😊

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