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S04E00: Spoiler alert: It's been two long!

S04E00: Spoiler alert: It's been two long!
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We have News from the Breach: it’s been two years over one year and we have exciting news about the new season of The Dragon Prince 🎉

The first chapter of season 4 (“Book Earth”) is called “Rebirthday” and the season has an extra title “Mystery of Aaravos” and will be released in november of 2022 🥳

If you have the chance, have a look at the Website at 1 AM UTC+02:00 (CEST) (source). If you missed it, here is the direct link to the playlist of released content:

Please also have a look at some short stories called “The Dragon Prince Reflections” released so far on the official website:

Listen to us again in november! ✨