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S04E04: Weird and Wonderful

S04E04: Weird and Wonderful
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In our 20th episode of News from the Breach we discuss chapter 7 & 8 of Book Earth: “Beneath the Surface” and “Rex Igneous”. Our heroes travel the path of despair, meet some scary earthen creatures, and an even scarier Arch Dragon. Beneath the surface, Callum is battling his own demons. Soren confronts Claudia about being on the wrong side. Meanwhile, Terry and Viren search for Claudia and we get to know Claudia’s “weird and wonderful” Terry better and better 🦌 🏳️‍⚧️


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If you ever wanted to watch us record an episode, you can now do so here (uncut and raw!):

Many thanks to family E.G. for letting us use your place as a recording studio 🎤 😁