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S05E05: The Dark Eyed Sailor

S05E05: The Dark Eyed Sailor
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Our Season 5 finale special!! 🎉

In our 26th episode of News from the Breach we discuss chapter 9 of Book Ocean: “Infantis Sanguine”.

In this very special episode our VIP guest Jan sings his cover of “The Dark Eyed Sailor” sea shanty.

After an interview with our guest, we continue with our usual podcast and talk about the finale chapter of this season! We find out the true nature of the prison, meet the Mushroom Man, and much much more.

Join us in our deep dive: Easter eggs are afoot… Or rather atentacle…!? 🐙


00:00:00 Intro
00:04:55 Jan’s song
00:23:57 Discussion of the finale episode
01:20:30 Second version of Jan’s song


Ceilidh said that Rayla used the butterfly blades to cut of Claudia’s tentacle but it was Runaans bowblade.